Venue's Vibe

Creating your venue’s musical signature suddenly becomes a wide-open pallet of choices when working with a multi-instrumentalist of Brian Black’s caliber. From shake-yer-bottom, bluesed-up dance tunes driven by Brian’s wailin’ harmonica and chromed-out National resophonic slide guitar, to acoustic Americana classics with pristine two-part harmonies, your venue can select from Brian’s musical menu and watch your patrons dig in!

For upscale winery dinners and high-end restaurants there’s also the option of having Brian caress the piano keys or acoustic guitar to create a lovely musical ambience with the instrumental gems from both Pineapple Salsa Serenade CD and the Whispered Moments CD as well! The choice is yours!

Video Samples


Shake It – Vina Robles Winery

Am I wrong? – Willow Wine Bar

Before you ‘cuse me – Willow Wine Bar

Two Scoops – Vina Robles Winery

Commit – Vina Robles Winery

Chromed Blues – Willow Wine Bar

Why me? – Vina Robles Winery

Steamroller – Willow Wine Bar

Is There Something Goin’ On? – Vina Robles Winery

Mamma’s Blues – Vina Robles Winery


Stand By Me – Vina Robles Winery

Tennessee Whiskey – Vina Robles Winery

3 AM – Vina Robles Winery

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – Vina Robles Winery

Have A Little Faith – Willow Wine Bar

Take It All – Willow Wine Bar

Small Town – Vina Robles Winery

Wild NIghts – Vina Robles Winery


Peacock Winery

Road To Rio – Private Party

Danza De Los Angeles – Private Party

Woodpecker’s Lullaby – Private Party

Satisfaction – Private Party

Tres Melodias – Private Party