Venue's Vibe

Creating your venue’s musical signature suddenly becomes a wide-open pallet of choices when working with a multi-instrumentalist of Brian Black’s caliber. From shake-yer-bottom, bluesed-up dance tunes driven by Brian’s wailin’ harmonica and chromed-out National resophonic slide guitar, to acoustic Americana classics with pristine two-part harmonies, your venue can select from Brian’s musical menu and watch your patrons dig in!

Toe Tappin’ Favorites


1 Is There Something Goin’ On

2 Crusing’ Down 154

3 Before You ‘cuse Me

4 Shake It

5 Everytime I Roll The Dice

6 Why Me

7 Hand Jive

8 Steamroller

9 My Girl


1 Wild Nights

2 Small Town

3 Three AM

4 Slow Turning

5 Brown Eyed Girl

Brian Black Originals

Silk N’

1 Is There Something Goin’ On

2 Shake It

3 Before You ‘cuse Me

4 Crusin’ Down 154

5 Part Time Dreams

6 Fated Love

7 Angel Eyes

Pineapple Salsa

1 Fuego y Hielo

2 Danza de los Angeles

3 Road to Rio

4 Woodpecker’s Lullaby

5 Laguna del Sol

6 Mojo Island

7 Siesta Sunrise

8 The Blue Flamingo Waltz


1 Whispered Moments

2 Words Unspoken

3 Barcara

4 Nuance

5 Palisade

6 Tecca

7 Curly Girl

8 Closer To Home

9 Never The Same Again

10 Reminiscence

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