Stellar Cellars/Brews Reviews

“Showcased below include my personal favorite venues that provide both the musicians and patrons an excellent experience with their overall presentation, including quality of their products, ambiance/vibe and professional approach…highly recommended!”

Brian Black

Avila Beach Golf Resort

“Customers at the Avila Golf Resort rave about Brian and his Blue Moon Gypsies many musical styles and pristine vocal harmonies… always a hit!”

Blacklake Golf Resort

“The Blue Moon Gypsies are a favorite at Blacklake! When he strolls through the crowd on his wireless slide guitar, listeners get an up close & personal experience!”

Peacock Winery

“Brian and his Blue Moon Gypsies are an on-going part of our music season. His professional presentation and musical skills are very apparent to our patrons!”

McClain’s Wine

“Brian is our go-to, playing his solo blues oriented music that we at McClain’s love to showcase… great stuff!”

Puffers of Pismo

“Here at Puffers, The Blue Moon Gypsy duo shines with their vocal harmonies and wonderful selection of Americana classics!”

Broken Earth Winery

“Slide guitar, harmonica, acoustic guitar, percussion and stunning lead vocals/harmonies are the reasons why we truly enjoy having the Blue Moon Gypsies as repeat performers at Broken Earth Winery!”

Old Town Coffee

“What a unique, diverse and pleasing array of styles! We’re looking forward to having The Blue Moon Gypsies return to share their musical magic at OTC!”

Willow Restaurant

“Brian has performed solo and with his duo at Willow Wine Bar & Restaurant for years, providing our customers with high quality music/entertainment”

The Maverick Saloon

“Brian’s Blue Moon Gypsy duo are always customer favorites out on the Maverick patio! Top-notch vocals, breath-taking slide guitar skills and foot stompin’ harmonica always keeps the audience engaged!”

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