It is true that when any number of variables are combined in search of an aesthetically pleasing blend, there are many “acceptable” outcomes. It is however unique, when these ingredients unexplainably intertwine and evolve into something that is much more than “acceptable”… something that takes on its own energy, direction and signature.

Over the years, Brian Black has experienced this musical phenomenon. With his professional work ethic and healthy respect for what has and continues to evolve musically, he has established himself as a musician, combining his talents of expressive lead vocals, sophisticated fingerpicking and slide leads on both acoustic and chrome-plated resophonic guitars! This colorful blend and variety of styles delights crowds who eagerly connect with his catchy signature “reso-coustic” styled music! It is precisely this emergence of a unique blend that sets Brian Black apart from other acoustically oriented artists.

Unique, solid, professional and crowd pleasing, Brian Black has developed a musical package that is sure to please those who savor acoustic based blues, ballads and “reso-coustic” rock, with a definitive dash of originality!


In Silk n’ Steel you will discover an immensely broad spectrum of musical styles, ranging from the “silky” instrumental piano pieces that draw the listener to an introspective landscape…then slowly transition into piano and acoustic guitar-driven pop gems of romance, love and relationships…

Pineapple Salsa Serenade will whisk the listener off to their personal paradise where the kiss of tropical breezes, vibrant acoustic Latin tinged rhythms and meandering melodies, blend to caress your ears and renew your soul!

These 10 instrumentals are ment to be reflective pieces for mood enhancement, relaxing, ambience setting, so that you may be more receptive to your own “Whispered Moments”.

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