Solo, Duo and Trio Possibilities!

Showcased below, are the many varied musical styles/genres venues can select from, to create a customized performance for their particular event. Styles include uptempo, toe tapping’ danceable acoustic blues, Americana/Pop classics, Originals, Piano driven ballads and beautiful acoustic guitar or piano ambient instrumentals! This, supported by up to 3 stellar lead vocalists, allows for a vast musical pallet to choose from! The choice is yours….

Brian Black Solo

Blues, Americana/pop classics, originals and acoustic Instrumentals!

The Mighty Flyers Duo

Piano driven pop classics, intricate piano instrumentals and all of Brian’s solo repertoire with piano infused enhancement!

Blue Moon Gypsy Duo

Two lead vocalists with pristine harmonies performing Brian’s solo repertoire along with female based ballads.

Blue Moon Gypsy Trio

Powerful harmonies, piano based male / female pop ballads, piano instrumentals and of course, all of Brian’s solo work on musical steroids!

The Triple Tones!

Amazing 3 part harmonies, female driven vocals, guitar and piano based ballads and 3 off the chart lead vocalists having their way with all of Brian’s solo repertoire… just wow!

Videos of all band configurations can be viewed on the video page!

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