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1 - Whispered Moments Listen

2 - Words Unspoken Listen

3 - Bacara Listen

4 - Nuance Listen

5 - Palisade Listen

6 - Tecca Listen

7 - Curly Girl Listen

8 - Closer to home Listen

9 - Never the Same Again Listen

10 - Reminiscence Listen

1 - Never the Same Again Listen

2 - Words Unspoken Listen

3 - Angel Eyes Listen

4 - Fated Love Listen

5 - You Make it Real Listen

6 - Part Time Dreams Listen

7 - Before You Accuse Me Listen

8 - Is There Something Goin' On Listen

9 - Crusin' Down 154 Listen

10 - Shake It Listen

1 - Siesta Sunrise Listen

2 - Mojo Island Listen

3 - Road To Rio Listen

4 - Fuego Y Heilo Listen

5 - Laguna Del Sol Listen

6 - Danza De Los Angeles Listen

7 - The Blue Flamingo Waltz Listen

8 - Woodpecker's Lullaby Listen

"Venue's Vibe"

Creating your venue's musical signature suddenly becomes a wide open pallet of choices when working with a Multi-instrumentalist of Brian Black's caliber. From soft, airy instrumentals on both piano and acoustic guitar for up-scale winery events, private parties and restaurants... to shake-yer-bottom bluesed-up dance tunes.... just select from Brian's musical menu and watch your patrons dig in! A night's worth of any or all of these genres can be arranged and dished up by Brian as a solo artist or adding various configurations of his BluesCruiser gang (harmony vocals, dueling guitartists, conga-boppin' percussionist or drummer), depending on your particular event!

The Blue Flamingos Instrumentals:

***All songs from the "Whispered Moments" CD (click-on above)

* Danza de Los AngelesListen
* Fuego e' HeiloListen
* Road to RioListen
* Nuance'Listen

(others too numerous to list)

Easy Listening/Pop Favorites

***Selected songs from the "Silk n' Steel" CD (click-on above)
***Fated Love
***Something Going On
***Before You Cuse' Me
***Angel Eyes

Examples of Pop/Fav. Covers:
*Tequila SunriseListen
*My GirlListen
*Tiny DancerListen
*Your Body's a WonderlandListen
*Messsage in a BottleListen
*Dirty Low-Down and BadListen
*Piano ManListen

(others too numerous to list)


*** Selected Songs from the "Silk n' Steel" CD (click-on above)
***Cruisin Down 154
***Shake It

*Hand JiveListen
*Everytime I Roll the DiceListen

(others too numerous to list)

............The Choice is Yours............